Hampton Pointe is a new community in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Kevin came to me asking for a logo design that represents the new area as well as Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan is a great lake town. In the summer the water is filled with swimmers and boats, so that was something I wanted to touch on for sure. Hampton Pointe brings up images of luxury, the Hamptons, and classy living.
Initial Sketches
Initial Sketches cont.
Some very early prototypes. The stretched letters were awkward, but the bottom left was promising.
Client asked what a compass rose replacing the 'T's would look like. Quick mock-up. It cramped the other letters and broke up the words making it hard to read.
We decided on a definite direction with a narrower compass rose. Playing with different colour variations.
Tyring out different typeface ideas.
The final product.

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